How To Write Great Headlines

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Did you know that the headline of your marketing piece (or email) is the key determinant on whether the reader reads further (or opens your email)?

In this video, I demonstrate how to write a great headline and provide proven headline templates that get results.

As promised in the video, here are the 6 proven headline templates I referenced (along with some examples):

  • How To _________________ (e.g. How To Write Great Headlines)
  • Are You Tired of _______? (e.g. Are You Tired of Not Earning The Money You Desire From Your Investments)
  • Top 10 _________________ (e.g. Top 10 Ways To Lose Weight Fast)
  • 3 Ways To ______________ (e.g. 3 Ways To Improve Your Love Life Immediately)
  • Secrets of _____________ (e.g. Secrets of Master Networkers)
  • ________ in _______ or Your Money Back (e.g. Play Drums in 7 days or Your Money Back)

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