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Leading SEO Trends for 2015

Strategies You Can Use: Leading SEO Trends for 2015 It's already 2015 world wide web time, and people everywhere are trying to predict and prepare for what they believe the Google-god has planned for the next 12 months in the land of cyberspace. Forewarned is forearmed says the old idiom, and this no doubt is true, at least where a business's seo strategy is concerned, and when the predictions - aka speculations - are correct. Following is a compendium of some of the most popular theories being batted about today as SEO trends for 2015. Content and Context - Inseparable Best Read more

Is It Time To Fire Your Website?

How do you know whether or not your website is earning its keep? In this video segment I identify what I consider the core metric / measurement / key performance indicator (KPI) that small businesses should consider using to determine if their website is getting the job done for their business. Read more

Local SEO Quick Tip - Get 5 of These and Your Stars Will Shine

Does your business serve a local market? If so, giving your business an edge, any edge, in Google's local search engine listings could be quite useful... agree? In this video, I provide a quick local SEO tip intended to point you in the direction of edging out your Read more

Are You Missing Out On This Under-tapped Goldmine?

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Have you ever had a client like this?

  • You seemed to have a great relationship…
  • They seemed to appreciate your value…
  • You believed that they fully understood what you do and sell…

Yet you just found out that they bought something you sell, from someone else?

How did that happen? The answer to that may just surprise you!

In this video I uncover that often overlooked revenue stream that exists in business. Read more

Is Your Marketing Ignoring These 2 Critical Target Markets?

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target market

We all know how difficult it can be to get clients in the first place… so… Are you experiencing attrition? In other words are you losing clients out the back door almost as fast as you are bringing new ones in the front door?

Or how about your team…

Have you lost team members that you invested time and energy to both attain and train?

And from the marketing efforts you are doing to back-fill those positions, do you seem to be attracting all kinds of “crazies” looking to get paid without actually having to do the work?

If any of these questions rings true for you then you will want to tune into this video segment where I simplify and identify 2 critical target markets that if properly marketed to, can mitigate the aforementioned business challenges and put you on a path to greater success. Read more

Business Lessons from Children – Risk

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risk no pain no gain

What can a child teach you about business? As part of our “Business Lessons From Children” video series, I discuss the business concept of “risk”; drawing parallels to the innate wisdom of children and their “no fear” approach to learning by failing forward.

When it comes business, No Pain = No Gain! Read more

Setting the Stage for Buying

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Set the Stage for Buying

What would your business look like if your clients were buying your products and services more often? How about if they bought more every time at the point of sale? Read more

3 Steps to Local SEO Domination

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Local SEO

Does your business depend on local traffic to get clients? Looking for ways to use the local search engines for local SEO domination?

In this video I will provide a 3 step process local businesses can take to dominate their locate market. Read more