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How Strong Is Your Brand Online?

CAUTION: You will be judged by the strength of your brand online! In this video I share and recommend 2 simple and free key brand metrics every small business should track every Read more

Are People Talking About You Online?

Reputation Management is critical for small business. One bad online review, whether deserved or not, can thoroughly damage your chance at success. In this video, I share a simple and free tool you can use to begin managing your reputation Read more

Is Your Business Mobile Ready?

So is your business mobile ready? Are you creating the best experience possible for your target market? How do you know? WARNING: All signs from all experts are pointing toward a huge shift in how people access the Internet.... how they look for what you do (or sell) when they are looking to buy. Mobile usage is growing exponentially year-over-year. In this video, I will explore this topic and offers insights along the way to mobilize your Read more

Are You Neglecting The Most Important Segment Of Your Target Market?

by Dean Mercado in Marketing Minute Newsletter, Marketing Strategy 39 Comments
target market

Did you know that there are a number of different segments of your target market that your business should be marketing to? Do you know which one has the highest income potential for you? In this video I will identify that segment and present ways to capitalize on your relationship with them. Read more

2 Keys To More Referrals

by Dean Mercado in Marketing Minute Newsletter, Marketing Strategy 35 Comments

Do you want more referrals? Are you referable? In this video I lay out 2 keys to significantly increase your chances for referrals. Read more

A New Year… A New You!

by Dean Mercado in Marketing Minute Newsletter, Success 27 Comments
New Year

Did you achieve all you wanted for your business this past year? What are you looking to achieve in this upcoming year? In this video I share wisdom and insights to help business owners be, do and have more in the new year. Read more

Attention Business Owners: Top 3 Characteristics of a Great Website

by Dean Mercado in Marketing Minute Newsletter 17 Comments
top 3 great website characteristics

How well is your website performing? How do you know? In this video I share 3 of my favorite measurements for business owners to determine whether their website is a great website or not. Read more

Business Lessons From Children Series – Lesson #1

by Dean Mercado in Marketing Minute Newsletter 19 Comments
business lessons from children

What can a child teach you about business? As part of my “Business Lessons From Children” series in this video I will share wisdom from children that we as adults can adopt and adapt into business.
Read more