Marketing Lessons: By Candlelight

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The Frankenstorm Sandy left my family (among 900k+ Long Islanders) without power and in the dark. After surveying the damage I am feeling in awe, humbled and thankful.

Trying to be productive during this time has me thinking about marketing lessons learned.

What could we have done better, what could have been, etc., and can these teachings serve other areas of life?

With this in mind….

Here are some marketing lessons by candlelight, commingled with the challenge of life during a storm:

  • Be prepared and think big picture; use the worst case scenario to inspire success
  • No matter how big you are someone wants to take your place; Microsoft vs. Apple, Irene vs. Sandy
  • Strike when you’re hot; Grasshoppers should use the summertime to prepare for winter
  • Seize the moment; post- storm someone is making money with chainsaws or writing blogs
  • We are blessed; no matter how bad you got it, someone will gladly switch places
  • Keep it simple; A game of Monopoly and a Facebook Company Page gets it done in a pinch


Note to my fellow “Tri-Staters”: Try to make the best out of the situation and remember , “If you are given lemons make lemonade.”  Stay positive!!

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