National Hurricane Preparedness Week Begins With A Twist: Always Have Marketing Disaster Recovery Plan

marketing disaster recovery

“Be Prepared – Get A PLAN!” That’s the mantra straight from NOAA during this year’s Hurricane Preparedness Week. With many lessons from last year’s storms, a Long Island internet marketing firm, Online Marketing Muscle urges business owners to take a fresh look at why a “Marketing Disaster Recovery Plan” is a must have.

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Dean Mercado is an Internet marketing coach, strategist, #1 best-selling author, and speaker with Long Island Internet Marketing firm, Online Marketing Muscle. Dean engages on a variety of Social Media sites for different reasons. To find Dean Mercado on Google+ as well as all other Social Media sites, visit Dean’s XeeMe page.

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9 Responses to National Hurricane Preparedness Week Begins With A Twist: Always Have Marketing Disaster Recovery Plan

  1. Danielle

    Great idea. Especially when based out of a state or city not affected by certain types of weather.

  2. Cinny

    A marketing plan for a hurricane? huh?

  3. Jennifer Medeiros

    Marketing Disaster Recovery Plan…interesting! Great Article!

  4. Ronni Keller


  5. Maria

    Being prepared is always important!! Great advice.

  6. Bill Baylis

    Thanks for the comments!! It’s time for small business to catch onto this effective and timely marketing strategy…

  7. Francine

    Last year we all got caught off-guard when hurricane Sandy hit. I think planning ahead of time for natural disasters is just plain smart.

  8. Jan Q. Leon

    Through marketing coaching & internet marketing consulting with Online Marketing Muscle®, Dean Mercado has helped numerous business professionals and entrepreneurs leverage the power of Internet Marketing to creatively market themselves and gain a competitive edge. Dean’s business building creativity and practical, yet cutting-edge marketing tactics have given many small businesses a fighting chance for survival.

    • Bill Baylis


      Thanks for the kind words.. and for swinging by our site!


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