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Company Names: The Cleaning Company Model

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There are an estimated 50,000 cleaning companies in the U.S.  Like any industry, they are all looking to target a market, establish a customer base and beat the competition.

So when coming up with a name for a cleaning company, (or any business), the first thought (via the old school company name playbook) is to come up with a catchy name.

The Model is;  The perfect company name = customers buy!

Cleaning companies, for instance, tend to look for synonyms and charming names in every variation rhyming with the word “clean”.   Google the phrase “Cleaning Companies” and you will find thousands of companies trying to stand out using combinations of the following; Clean, Cleaningklean, kleen, team, dream, green, maid, bright, brite, pride, pros, proz and so on….

Without a doubt, some pretty inventive names do come from this strategy and maybe you will turn a few heads. Can we peg success on a name alone? When customers come closer to buy, they are asking: “What’s in for me to buy from you?” or “Cool name… who are you?”

Given the choice, I would rather spend less energy on a catchy company name, and spend more effort on building a plan to attract customers to a killer website, an awesome Facebook page and remarkable staff with a less than perfect company name.  Name alone does not sell customers, your honor, reputation and service will do this.

Spend as much time a possible finding that marketing sweet-spot and the story of why your company!

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