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Amazing Business Transformation of a Coachable Moment

I was recently touched by a Facebook post called The Amazing Transformation of a Guy Who Didn’t Give Up!

It’s an inspiring thank you video to his Yoga instructor Diamond Dallas Page. The “guy who didn’t give up” is a former disabled Gulf War Paratrooper whose back and legs gave out because of too many jumps. He was told by doctors that he would never walk again. He “accepted that fact” for 15 years. Exercise felt impossible. He put on massive weight and felt hopeless.

Feeling stuck and tired of his circumstances, he made a choice to reach out for help.

This is his magic moment and he became COACHABLE.

As business owners we can accept a lot when we are stuck or just going with the flow.  If you are like most business owners you have big shoulders. Just pile it on… You can take it all on.

What facts (or untruths) are you accepting in your business?  Are you giving into your situation? (The economy is today’s default excuse, go ahead use it)

As business owners, when does the coachable moment arrive?  When do we remember two heads are better than one? As Owners, do we always need to bottom out to seek help? Is it just easier to stay stuck?

Today’s strongest businesses are the ones that have decided to become unstuck. (Just like our paratrooper friend) They realize they can’t do it all themselves. They find help. They find joint venture partners. They mastermind. They make their coachable moment! They might not even need to have passion or an emotion around it. They made one good choice then made another. They realize they can’t do it all.

Steps of a Coachable Moment

  1. Decide not to accept the circumstances
  2. Realize you can’t do all yourself
  3. Find (or hire) your brain trust
  4. Take action
  5. Live it


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