Business Lessons From Children – Pigheaded Determination

Dean Mercado Coaching & Strategy 19 Comments

What can a child teach you about business? As part of my “Business Lessons From Children” series in this video I will share wisdom from children that we as adults can adopt and adapt into business.

Comments 19

  1. My 2.5 year old gets excited to watch “Shark Tank” and it got me thinking… I should always be excited about my work and business ideas! Get excited, get yourself revved up, and then go for it!

  2. Hmmm.. what a different way of thinking… Sometimes I think that kids have a very simple way of thinking and that could help us…

  3. It is important to realize that children do have a lot to teach us about business. I just hired my 10 year old son to help me with my on line magazine because he has great ideas that are applicable and will work.

  4. Well, the word does say ‘a child will lead them’. Children are not afraid to fail, not afraid to do anything wrong, and approach tasks with a can-do attitude. The have such an amazing world view.

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